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Episode 163 - Board Games and Movie Trailers!

This week on Geekvice...

We talk about the good and the bad from the Super Bowl commercials and trailers. And probably about the game and halftime show too.

Here are the trailers for those of you that missed them.
Baywatch: https://youtu.be/mHxTamHu5yI
John Wick: https://youtu.be/bQN5U7DbJdk
The Handmaid’s Tale: https://youtu.be/jMrDTDEmS4c
The Fate of the Furious: https://youtu.be/QLq7i88b8x0
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: https://youtu.be/CaLNiC-bKHQ
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales: https://youtu.be/i3wJjLXjySg
Logan: https://youtu.be/fDnXUq2uV6c
A Cure for Wellness: https://youtu.be/C29czmGuoNI
Life: https://youtu.be/cuA-xqBw4jE
Transformers: The Last Knight: https://youtu.be/Eqt2WhyhgVk
Ghost in the Shell: https://youtu.be/IYrdoQAjcww
Stranger Things 2: https://youtu.be/9Egf5U8xLo8

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